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Wanting to begin your meditation journey or deepen your practice? Do you hold tension in your body, affecting your breathing and posture, and looking for a gentle form of yoga? Are you needing a healing or counselling therapy that helps you to find your own answers and connection to your inner self?

Blessed by the loving guidance of Self-Realized Master Mata Yogananda, the Centre offers services and teachings that bring calmness, clarity, inner wisdom and love for ourselves and others.

We’d love to welcome you to the Self Realization Centre and invite any questions you may have.

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

Mata Yogananda
Mahasaya Dharma

Learn Meditation Nelson

Pure Meditation is the crown jewel that will give you all you need to find your true potential, to know and commune with the higher power within.

Breathing Yoga Classes Nelson

In-person & online Breathe Yoga Classes include an ideal balance of gentle yoga poses, breathing discovery and tools, and deep rest ~ mindfulness.

Spiritual Healing Appointments

Healing helps you clear blocks, bring peace and understanding to help you connect more with your real self.

Counselling & Coaching Appointments

Receive help without judgement to find your own inner wisdom, empowering you to greater clarity and freedom, with practical tools for daily use.

Retreats in Nelson Accommodation

Personal and Silent Retreats throughout the year to give you space to clear your thoughts and nurture yourself.

courses and workshops

Online and in-person workshops, short courses, teacher training, professional therapies training, and more.

Pure Meditation Course in Nelson

I want to know myself

Pure Meditation

We regularly hear people say, I want to get to know myself, to know my own thoughts, to master my emotions, to know the truth. How do we master our minds, access our inner wisdom and find the peace and happiness we all seek? Pure Meditation is an ancient form of scientific Meditation, incorporating Raja and Kriya Yoga, that has been made accessible to our modern way of living. Speak with a teacher to learn how this practical, effective and transformational in-depth Meditation can help you on your journey of self-discovery.

In your words

helped us to better understand how to find inner peace

Recently we started meditation and the teaching at this center helped us to better understand how to find inner peace. Highly recommended!

Pieter Buisman

knowledge and tools to find more inner peace, love and contentment

The Pure Meditation Course is a profoundly beautiful course that has given me the knowledge and the tools to go forward to find more inner peace, love and contentment in my life.

Daniel Carey

back to core principles of breathing, self awareness and being present

Thank you Christinaseva for the enlightening breathing yoga course. Your teachings took us right back to long lost core principles of breathing, self awareness and being present. Highly recommend to anyone seeking to unravel inner consciousness.

Lakma Naligamage
On Retreat at the Meditation Centre

The Self Realization Pure Meditation Centre is a place for everyone, of all beliefs and walks of life. It has come into being to provide healing, tools, techniques and resources to empower people to follow their own unique path.

Located in gorgeous, sunny Whakatū Nelson, in a beautiful setting with views over Nelson, and the glorious Grampians on our doorstep, it is the perfect setting for finding peace.

View of the Centre from the Grampians
Peace of mind
Relax and nurture yourself in the retreat environment of the Centre