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Silent & Personal Retreats

Silent Retreat

Silent Retreats

There is nothing like a Silent Retreat in what it can do to restore our balance and settle our thoughts, connecting deeply with the inner part of ourselves.

We offer 2-night Silent Retreats throughout the year as well as 3-night Silent Retreats at Christmas and Easter time.

Over New Year, we have a 3-day Retreat that has times for the Silence as well as times for gathering together for those who wish.

What is it like being on a Silent Retreat?

Following your arrival and settling in, there will be a welcome get together, giving guests time to ask any questions and be introduced to the retreat. For 2-day retreats this is in the morning, and for 3-day retreats, guests arrive late afternoon to share a meal together before going into the Silence. Your time on retreat is for you to spend how you feel, as each person comes with different needs and interests. Many like to read spiritual books, write in a journal, have time stretching or doing yoga, in meditation and also in contemplation, appreciating the beauty of nature.

Light meals of wholesome plant-based foods are served buffet-style. The meditation room and space for yoga is available. Enjoy the deck with its inviting view as well as walks through the nearby Grampians Reserve.

There are morning and evening meditation times for those who wish as well as a shorter quiet gathering prior to the lunchtime meal.

The retreat finishes with a gathering to formally close the time of silence with a blessing as well as tips for integrating back into our day-to-day lives.

Book today or contact us for further details.

Personal Retreats

Tailor-made to suit your needs, giving you space to rest, to be fed and nurtured, time for contemplation, enjoying the beautiful views and nearby nature. For those who wish healing, counselling and other appointments are available. Or just spend time connecting with yourself in whatever way you feel.

Available throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.

Personal Retreat

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