Courses & Workshops

Courses & Workshops

Learning and growth opportunities

Courses, Workshops & Classes

In addition to our Pure Meditation Courses, we offer a number of opportunities for inspiring learning and growth through classes, courses, workshops and professional training.

Wellness & Mindfulness

Wellness & Mindfulness Workshops

We offer Energy Care & Mindfulness workshops in group settings at the Centre, in workplaces and in the community . Learn tools to help calm and reset and gain a deeper understanding of our energies and how to balance ourselves. Tailor made to suit the needs of each group.

We have held workshops for Air New Zealand’s national team of engineers, Te Whatu Ora’s Anxiety Support Program, for teachers in various settings, in aged care facilities, community groups and more.

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Animal Healing Course

Whether you wish to give healing to your own animals or start a practice, this 2-day course will give you hands on experience giving healing to a range of animals from domestic to farm animals. You will also receive all you need to know on a practical level to about giving healing to animals, including consultations with owners. Healing works on the whole being and animals are very receptive to it. It is natural and non-invasive, and can help animals to harmonise and balance on all levels, whatever their need, whether behavioural, stress-related, or physical conditions, injuries or illnesses.

Animal Healing

Energy Care Course

Do you struggle with managing and balancing your energies in your everyday life? These one-day courses will equip you with tools, knowledge and understanding of your energies and how to look after them.

There’s a lot of demands on our time and energies in our busy modern-day lives. Whether you work in a caring profession, are raising a family, and if you are a giving person, we can experience challenges with our energy levels, sensitivities to our environment or other people, the inability to think clearly and many other symptoms. This can affect our quality of life and can lead to burnout. Receive knowledge and tools of how to take charge of your own energies and how you feel whether in the workplace, home or any part of your life.

Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy Discussion Group          

Have you ever thought about exploring or looking into the spiritual part of yourself and life that has perhaps yet been unexplored or wanting to delve deeper into looking and expand on what you already know? This discussion group will give you the opportunity through facilitated discussion to explore spiritual knowledge and philosophy and look at how the spiritual part of us affects and influences our lives.     

Tree if life
Healing with love

Diploma-level Courses in Healing & Counselling

We offer training to diploma-level in Pure Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling & Coaching. These courses take Healing and Counselling to the highest professional standards and leaves the student inspired and fully prepared to undertake healing and counselling as a profession.

Both students and qualified Pure Spiritual Healers and Intuitive Counsellors have the opportunity to join Self Realization Sevalight Associates, a worldwide active network of Healers and Counsellors. Qualified members of Sevalight Associates are also able to gain access to Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance through the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand through our Affiliate organization membership.

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Paulpremanda’s calming nature has enabled him to get staff on board quickly and effectively to promote wellbeing, and healthy practices in our workplace.

Ladina Syder

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