Positive, Harmonising Energy

Pure Spiritual Healing

Balance your energies with this loving therapy in the relaxing environment of the Centre.

Pure Spiritual Healing is a loving, positive form of energy therapy that feeds, nurtures and balances our minds, our bodies and our living energies. Whether you are needing help with your emotions, a more peaceful mind, recovering from illness or injury, healing from old hurts and traumas, Pure Spiritual Healing can help everyone. Because our true nature is the essence of calmness and love, Healing helps us to connect more closely to our higher selves, removing blocks and restoring our innate balance. Healings are non-invasive, non-psychic and completely safe. 

Have we ever before lived in a time that challenges our energies more than the modern age? Between our ever increasing screen time and the stresses and pace of our lives, it is no wonder that we can feel out of sorts! 

Clients often say that they arrive for a healing appointment feeling buzzy and jaggedy and leave with a clearer mind and feeling their energies have settled into peace.

In person healing

Your Appointment

What to expect

We recommend arriving to your appointment 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. This gives you space to allow your energies to settle from the day and to prepare for your Healing appointment. 

In the consultation prior to your Healing, you can let the Healer know what you’re coming to Healing for and what you’d like to receive from the appointment. The Healer will tell you about what to expect from the Healing and how to look after your energies prior to and following your appointment. The Healer will also offer you breathing and other tools that can you can use to help you go through life centred and calm.

The first part of the healing takes place on the healing table. Fully clothed, you will be covered with a blanket or a light cover. The second part of the healing will be on a stool. Your comfort throughout your appointment is important, so please don’t hesitate to let your healer know how they can help you with this.

Healing has no limits. We have been holding appointments by Zoom for many years. If you are not local to Nelson, please let us know when booking that you would like your appointment by Zoom and we will send you the link.

Receiving Healing


Appointments can be made via our online booking system or by contacting us. We also welcome hearing from you if you prefer to book directly or would like to learn more about Pure Spiritual Healing before making a booking.

Diploma-level Courses in Healing & Counselling

We offer training to diploma-level in Pure Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling & Coaching. These courses take Healing and Counselling to the highest professional standards and leaves the student inspired and fully prepared to undertake healing and counselling as a profession.

Both students and qualified Pure Spiritual Healers and Intuitive Counsellors have the opportunity to join Self Realization Sevalight Associates, a worldwide active network of Healers and Counsellors. Qualified members of Sevalight Associates are also able to gain access to Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance through the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand through our Affiliate organization membership.

Contact us for dates and details and to register your interest.

Relax and nurture yourself in the retreat environment of the Centre