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Space to find your wisdom

Intuitive Counselling & Coaching

Within your own being you hold all the wisdom and intuitive guidance to help you find your way forward into greater self-awareness, self-mastery, clarity and peace. 

Our minds can make or break us ~ this we well know. But people often lack the appropriate tools and conditions to tune into the inner higher intelligence that is waiting to be tapped into to make our lives easier and more fulfilling. This is not about the psychic. Intuitive Counselling is about creating the environment for you to find your own inner wisdom, making it incredibly empowering and life-changing.

It is rare these days to have a person’s undivided attention. Even when we may not be multi-tasking, minds can be so full and distracted that the quality of our experience as a speaker may be unsatisfactory. With the calming presence of the Intuitive Counsellor, they are there for you with unconditional love and without judgement. Your personal agency is fully respected and encouraged at all times.

To have the full, unconditional attention and presence of an Intuitive Counsellor is in itself therapeutic beyond measure.

In addition to the deep insights gained through Intuitive Counselling, clients also receive breathing and other tools to keep you connected and to give you an anchor to this higher part of you any time you are in need.

We all can have relationship challenges, frustration in our work, a disconnection from ourselves and life, mental blocks and restlessness, conditioning from our past, habits, anxiety, depression and fears. Intuitive Counselling helps us to our own realization that it is not what happens to us, but what we do with what happens that makes us the inner victor or otherwise. 

~ Rumi

In addition to one-to-one counselling, we are experienced in couples counselling as well as specialized counselling for children and teenagers.

Christinaseva and Paulpremanda bring 20 years of experience as Intuitive Counsellors and welcome hearing from you.


Appointments can be made via our online booking system or by contacting us. We also welcome hearing from you if you prefer to book directly or would like to learn more about Intuitive Counselling & Coaching before making a booking.

Counselling appointments can be in-person at our Centre in Nelson, by phone or by Zoom. If you are not local to Nelson, please let us know when booking whether you would like your appointment by phone or Zoom.

Diploma-level Courses in Healing & Counselling

We offer training to diploma-level in Pure Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling & Coaching. These courses take Healing and Counselling to the highest professional standards and leaves the student inspired and fully prepared to undertake healing and counselling as a profession.

Both students and qualified Pure Spiritual Healers and Intuitive Counsellors have the opportunity to join Self Realization Sevalight Associates, a worldwide active network of Healers and Counsellors. Qualified members of Sevalight Associates are also able to gain access to Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance through the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand through our Affiliate organization membership.

Contact us for dates and details and to register your interest.

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